All currency converted to nuts upon entering

My name was McCool,
B.B. McCool.

One could say that I had it all, once.
A nice tree with a condo, a human slave who bought me
the finest nuts and kept a fresh bird bath for me under my tree.
I had a beautiful garden to play in and hide all my nuts.

My siblings and I were born in my condo. They all left home but me.
I loved my home and my human. I loved my beautiful garden.
Nothing could have lured me away.

But Iím dead now because of a free roaming cat.
Someoneís pet that was allowed to roam the neighborhood.
The cat came into my garden and attacked me.
I escaped, but not before it had severed my spine, leaving me unable
to use my back legs.
I managed to get to my condo, where I grew weak
from the injury and lack of food.

My human captured me and tried to save me, but I was too far gone.

In the United States, Squirrels and other wildlife have enough to
worry about with indigenous predators like foxes and hawks.
Cats are an unfair burden on them.

Millions of songbirds as well as squirrels and other wildlife are
needlessly killed every year by free roaming cats.
Many of them are healthy pets that do not need to kill for food.
None of them are natural predators to the area.

Please do not allow your cats to roam outdoors.
Keep them inside, where they will be safe as well as the
wildlife in your neighborhood.
If you know someone who lets their cat roam the neighborhood,
please speak to them and try to make your neighborhood safe
for the wild creatures who share it with you.

Read more on the growing problem of free roaming cats

Note from webmaster:
There was no reason for my friend McCool to die.
My garden will never be as beautiful as it was when
he was in charge of it.
He was much loved and is very much missed.

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