For the first time since rehab -
Grumpy talks about his addiction
with Connie Chung!

CHUNG: Mr. Grumpy, do you know what happened to Chandra Levy?

GRUMPY: No, I do not. What does this have to do with my peanut addiction?

CHUNG: Did you have anything to do with her disappearance?

GRUMPY: No, I didn't. Can we get back to the subject please?

CHUNG: Did you say anything or do anything that could have caused her to drop out of sight?

GRUMPY: You know, Chandra and I have never even met.

CHUNG: Do you have any idea if there was anyone who wanted to harm her?

GRUMPY: No. May I have some of those peanuts on the coffee table?

CHUNG: Did you kill Chandra Levy?

GRUMPY: I did not. And you haven't answered my question about those peanuts!

CHUNG: I'm sorry, wrong script. Where were we?

GRUMPY: Well, I ended up in peanut rehab for nearly a year after hitting rock bottom.

CHUNG: Rock bottom, meaning ...?

GRUMPY: I really didn't know that I had a problem . . . But everyone else seemed to think so.

CHUNG: May I ask you, was it an addiction?

GRUMPY: Well, Connie, I've been known to sample the orchard of delicious nuts.

CHUNG: Mr. Grumpy, do you recall the fact that peanuts are not nuts at all?

GRUMPY: Well, I've heard that quote and I know in my heart that they aren't. My view of that is it's taken out of context. The fact of the matter is ... is that the people push peanuts on squirrels. We try to resist because we know it's bad for our health, but, but . . . it's embarrassing ...

CHUNG: (Overlap) But we want to talk about you and not the people who give you peanuts.

GRUMPY: (Overlap) Well, let me finish. Yeah, let me finish ... because it relates to peanut pushers in general. And the real issue here, that the media seems to have forgotten in this report many times, is that I had a weakness that people weren't respecting. That's the real issue.

CHUNG: (Overlap) We're not talking about that right now. What we're talking about is whether or not you have been rehabilitated. Can you tell us ...Did you get any help from peanut rehab?

GRUMPY: Well, once again, I have made mistakes in my life. Peanuts are one of those things in life that will test the metal of any squirrel. You might say that I was pre-disposed.

CHUNG: Can you tell me this: Will you ever eat another peanut?

GRUMPY: Well, I don't know, honestly. Temptation is all around me.

CHUNG: Indeed, uh, when the police questioned you on the first two occasions, you did not reveal the specifics of your relationship with Chandra Levy. Isn't that correct? It wasn't until the third interview with police that you revealed your relationship in its true manner.

GRUMPY: Forgive me but I think we are talking about two very different things.

CHUNG: (Overlap) Truthfully?

GRUMPY: ... are you going to eat those peanuts?

CHUNG: Truthfully. Did you answer every question truthfully?

Grumpy: I answered every question truthfully. That's what you're supposed to do when you're on this show, right?

CHUNG: But did you reveal that you were having an affair with her?

GRUMPY: God help me, I'm thinking of Skippy peanut butter right now! May I be excused?

CHUNG: No, dangit! You agreed to this interview and you're going to answer my questions.

GRUMPY: That's pretty confusing. I mean, it's real confusing, because a couple days ago you were pleading for me to talk to you. You said you'd be very diplomatic (unlike Barbara and Dianne, "wink, wink") and now you're trying to make me out to be some . . . loser!

CHUNG: (Overlap) But ... but (Inaudible)...

GRUMPY: ... You people all asked the same questions over and over again. Maybe ...

CHUNG: (Overlap) Did they specifically ask you if you had a romantic relationship with Chandra Levy?

GRUMPY: They asked every, every question they wanted to ask, and every detail question they asked. And I answered that I have a PEANUT PROBLEM! Okay? I said it!!

CHUNG: And you, did you tell them that you did have a romantic relationship with her?

Grumpy: Uh, I told them everything they asked. Do I get one of those peanuts now?

CHUNG: Do you think you're a rehabilitated squirrel?

GRUMPY: I think I am a rehabilitated squirrel. Yes.

CHUNG: Okay. Um, I think we are out of time, Grumpy. Thank you so much.

GRUMPY: Those peanuts on the coffee table. . .ummm. . .


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