Something Itchy this way comes...

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I have an interesting tale about my favorite squirrel "Itchy". I live in Flushing (Queens), NY (in the big city). I just moved into this condo unit. My second day in my new home I found a visitor on my patio. Keep in mind I live on the 3rd floor.

A cute resourceful squirrel named 'Itchy" - I named him this due to his scratching habits. I went onto my patio and he got on his hind legs and stood upright and put his right paw in the air - I could swear he said "HELLO".

From that day on he's captured my heart. I feed him daily- fresh nuts and fruits. But strangely enough I was floored when I saw where his nest was.

It was on the left side of an Air conditioning unit (see enclosed picture).
All currency converted to nuts upon entering

I watched him 1 day as he climbed down to the street, patio by patio until he got to the sidewalk where he foraged for food. Then after about 20 minutes he would gather as much paper that he can fit in his mouth and bring it up to pad his nest..WOW!... Although, I wonder why he doesn't stay in the trees with the other squirrels. He's a bit of a loner and renegade.

I believe he thinks he is a pigeon.
All currency converted to nuts upon entering

There are pigeons nesting in the other windows that have A/C's above him.. I will forward you his progress from time to time. I've lived here for 4 months now. And Itchy is doing great. He's always chasing the pigeons while foraging for food, and I guess he feels he shouldn't have to share his food with anybody...
I hope you enjoyed my tail !!.... Frank Camodeo

All currency converted to nuts upon entering

to be continued...

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