Children of Itchy...

Thanks to Frank Camodeo for the following story!

And a special thanks to rehabber Barbara Haus
and to all the other rehabbers who work day and night, 24/7,
365 days a year, caring for injured and orphaned wildlife.
They receive no financial help for the food, vet care, housing
and medications that they provide to the animals.
Without their dedication,
most animals like Itchy's babies would die.
Not only because they know how to care for them,
but it is illegal in most states to care for wildlife without a permit.

So if you meet one of these angels,
give them a hug and a few dollars to help out.

All currency converted to nuts upon entering

As it turned out, Itchy had a litter of 4 babies-All survived and are doing well.

As they got older, they started to come out from the air conditioning unit
and would fall 2 stories onto the concrete below, with no way of getting back up.
They were too heavy for Itchy to bring back up due to the fact that she had to jump
from the patio to the window. So the little guys were defenseless and would have died
if not for rehabber, Barbara Haus.

All currency converted to nuts upon entering

She came over and captured them, one by one and brought them to Westchester where she was able to care for them.
The first one that fell wasn't moving for at least 8 hours, then miraculously, got better when Barbara came and got him (Ollie North- LOL).

All currency converted to nuts upon entering

The last surviving baby fell down also but learned how to climb back up.
Days later, Itchy and baby were evicted by the mean old air conditioning man.
He took in the A/C one day and threw their nest to the ground.
Luckily, mama and baby weren't in it at the time.

Itchy was forced to take residence in a neighboring tree and baby also.
They are doing fine; they still come to my patio for their daily feedings.

Frank Camodeo

to be continued...

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